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"GENDARME GARRISON ROOM" OPENED on August 18 in Hungary, in the  
Opusztaszer National Heritage Park (Ópusztaszeri Nemzeti Történeti Emlékpark). 
This is the very first permanent gendarme exhibit since 1945. 
We thank all those who contributed to it. Their names, as well as 
details and pictures of the exhibit are in the website's Museum.

For the continued growth of the exhibit, we ask all our friends to support it financially, 
even if only with a nominal small amount, so the sheer number of contributors would speak 
of the respect people still feel toward the gendarmerie. 
See details in the Newsletters.

We established a medal on the 70. anniversary of the illegal disbandment of the gendarmerie
to commemorate the terrible sufferings the gendarmes had to endure by the hands of the communists. 
It was awarded to all gendarmes (or their wives or descendents) and their supporters.
As an association with the gendarmerie still leads to a disadvantage in Hungary, 
we do not publish the list of the recepients, except the ones awarded post humus.

Book recommendations:

József PARÁDI: Hungarian Gendarmerie-History Studies (Magyar csendőrség-történeti tanulmányok

József PARÁDI: A MAGYAR KIRÁLYI CSENDŐRSÉG (Hungarian Royal Gendarmerie). 
Click on the title for ordering information.

Zsolt ZÉTÉNYI: A Képíró ügy. Tanulmány és dokumentumközlés (Kairosz)
Read also the biography of Sándor Képíró on our website.

Zsolt ZÉTÉNYI: Ártatlanul, jeltelen sírban. A Kristóf-ügy. (Innocently, in Unmarked Grave.
The Kristof-matter). (Magyar Napló) The story of Laszlo Kristof, gendarme detektive, his unjust
execution in 1959, proving his innocence in 2006 along and showing the great unjustices of the
communist political system, and discussing the sad fact that these have not been righted to this
day. You may also read Kristóf's biography on our website.

Sándor SZAKÁLY: Akik a magyar királyi csendőrséget 1919 és 1945 között vezették;
Order from the author.

Tibor KOCSIS - Tibor Krisztián KOCSIS jr., A magyar királyi szombathelyi III. csendőrkerület 
igaz története 1867-1945. (The True History of the Hungarain Royal Gendarmerie's 
III. District at Szombathely). Order from the author at (36) 94-317-235 

All the Gendarmerie's Laws and Regulations, as well as hundreds of the original books 
by the gendarmerie, along with all their Handbooks and their periodicals 
(Csendőrségi Lapok and Bajtársi Levél) are now found in the Library of our website
through the Bibliography to read in their entirity or to download. 

The Hungarian Military Museum is also calling for books, 
documents, objects, etc. from prior to the end of WWII. 

Through our email address  the following items may be ordered:
- Gendarme decals (3X4 inches self-stick color paper, $3 including postage)  
- MKCsBK lapel pins ($5 including postage) for members
- Csendőrségi Lapok CD ($25 including postage)
- A Magyar Csendőrség-történetért Elismerések book ($25 including postage)
- Magyar csendőrség-történeti tanulmányok ($25 plus postage)
- Béla REKTOR: A m. kir. csendőrség oknyomozó története ($25 plus postage)

We express our STRONGEST PROTEST to the Vagabund publisher for craftily using our name 
and photographs in their 2009 book on the gendarmarie, which reflected the communists' 
anti-gendarmerie stand and bias. See details in the October 2009, and 
January and April 2010 	Newsletters.